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Looking for IT Services? Mobile Apps? Responsive Websites? Custom IT Business Solutions?
Our goal is to eliminate as much hardcopy as possible, and encourage businesses to go digital. It is more cost efficient, time saving and can eliminate hand’s on data posting and the need for hard-copy in the field. Every day, hand-held devices are being introduced with the expectation that they can partially or completely replace dependence on desk-top computers, and even laptops. Responsive Web Design is a fundamental shift in the way we program websites, allowing them to fit the screen on most devices.
Visit www.GoGreenPaperlessInitiative.com


This is a responsive program that doubles as an app. It was developed For Small Games of Chance with an upgrade Point of Sale module. This program includes User Management and User Roles, Game Management, Game Pay in and Pay Out, Transaction Processing, Serial Printer and Cash Drawer Connectivity, Reporting to the state, Offline Storage (in case the internet becomes unavailable) and state validation.
Visit www.GameTrakker.com


Looking for Safe and qualified Aerial Photography or Aerial Video contractor?
Visit http://www.GoGreenDrones.com 

Looking to Buy a Drone?
Visit http://www.GoGreenDrones.net 

Want to learn to fly your drone?
Visit http://www.LearnMyDrone.com


Whether your organization is considering a large-scale IT project or needs IT staffing services, we can help. With over 25 years of experience, our strategists can quickly assess your business needs, see the big picture of SCOPE, SCHEDULE and BUDGET, break down barriers, align all resources, navigate through all processes and changes, and responsibly ensure that your project is successful. -
Visit www.CredoTechSolutions.com 


We are a digital business development consulting company helping organizations grow their business and meet real business objectives. We do this through a proven and proprietary methodology that includes 4 key parts that collectively we call a true brand community: Purpose, People, Platform and Process.
Visit www.phase2solutions.net/